Living in Inner Sanctuary

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Today’s Daily Word is Sanctuary! As we go within we find our Inner place of peace and safeness. Our Creator’s Love is discovered within as well as in Nature, Churches, Temples, any place that creates a sense of wonder and joyfulness. Yet more important is this state of Grace that we can find within us!


Jazz Music

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Jazz Music

The Villiage

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Short Story “The Village” Author:
Denise K. Chiaramonte

A swirl of mist rises over the mountains. The sky burns orange at sunset. For miles the forest and hillsides roll on. One dirt road and a path are all there is for anybody to take to the Village.
The Village is small. Nestled into the hillside by the river. A river that flowed wide in some parts then narrowed almost to a stream.
Four families lived in the Village. They made their way by fishing and cultivating the land. Once a month other provisions were dropped by a dilapidated old prop plane for them. Hunting is also part of their food yet the villagers preferred the fish and vegetables and fruit and nuts they could find and grow and only in colder climate did they hunt.
Taking the path the other direction lead to the Caverns. These Caverns are sacred places of the Ancestors. Twice a year the Village made a pilgrimage to the Sacred Caverns to celebrate and pay homage to the Ancestor Spirits. Climbing the last mile up the winding trail, bringing fresh fire wood and provisions for the day and night they would spend there, they wasted no time starting the fire that they would use for their rituals, invoking nature spirits as well for their crops and survival.
One or two of the Elders stayed behind, too frail for the Journey yet still strong enough to guard the Village with the help of two adolescences.
The stream has many shiny and beautiful stones shimmering amidst the river’s sand and rocks. Many kinds of fish glide between the algae and colorful stones. A hypnotic effect of the Sun reflecting faces on a hot, lazy day.
A ways down a waterfall could be heard. Danger exists there. It cannot be easily seen, yet wandering along the river’s banks it could eventually be seen safely by climbing the branch of a giant, ancient sycamore tree.
The waterfall fell at least a quarter of a mile and continued as rapids downstream. Surrounded by rock quarries and rich green of plant life overgrown into the forests, only wild life lived there.
Back at the Caverns at dusk the rituals began that would last for a day. Sacred foods were prepared. Certain herbs were ground into a fine powder that had been dried the previous day in warm air. These herbs would be added to boiling water for part of the ceremonies at dawn to revitalize and sustain the people of the Village. When the bi-yearly pilgrimage was done, they journeyed home, a sense of wholeness within them after reconciling Earth spirits with the Heavens.
Meanwhile, the four who were taking care of the Village prepared fruits and fish for their return.
The Wise Man and the Wise Woman of the tribe walk side by side re-entering the Village with a small animal for cooking being led behind them.
The simple harmony of this pace of life has gone on generation after generation. The only disturbance was an occasional storm that never lasted long.
The tranquil Village nestled by the hillside dwelled peacefully with nature.

Poem An Artist’s view

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Poem “An Artist’s View”

Antiquity resounding

through these great halls,

modern artist’s creations

hanging from the walls.

Marble, porous limestone

existing in the form

of a bust or a statue,

some are chipped and worn.

Carvings and implements

from around the world,

African head masks,

Egypt’s Kings long furled.

Examining as much

as one’s mind can absorb,

this experience will leave you


anyway but bored.

Artifacts discovered

from faraway places.

Objects uncovered

revealing cultures many faces.

Tribal instruments

once used in ceremony,

now just a memory,

silenced in their cases.

Imagine what stories

this artwork must have,

if they could only speak

of the glories of the past,

of the pains and pleasures

of Humanity that lasts,

preserved by those

creating the mystic spell

the artist casts.

Living on,

captured in art

and music too,

enhancing the lives

of others

in this new era,

as symbols tend to do.

Are we repeating?

the course of history?

Or showing progress of Mankind?

Are we creating a greater destiny?

Or is it just “the blind leading the blind?”

We must reconcile relations

between cultures and all races,

before becoming extinct,

leaving only traces.

Civilization in our present day

must overcome oppression,

find a better way,

to learn to live together

as Peoples of the world,

accept an artist’s vision,

and let each voice be heard.

©Denise K. Chiaramonte

An Artist’s Perspective

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poem “Autumn”
by Denise Chiaramonte


autumn mists

rising blackly

in the depth

of midnight.


harvest morning

sinking brightly

at the height

of noon sun.

Independence Day 2012

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We should all remember to be grateful for the freedom we cherish so much about America our Nation!

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